On Seesaw you will see evidence of your child knowing about their own learning and the progress they are making.

Ākonga have indicator sheets for Reading, Writing and Maths (these are based on a mix of the old and refreshed curriculum). They keep their indicator sheets in their own learning folder - each sheet reflects where they are at in their learning journey. Ākonga colour things they can do in gold/yellow and their next steps in blue. As they master their next steps they turn them gold/yellow. When they do this they use evidence from their work in class to show the progress they have made (this evidence needs to be across time and consistent).

When Ākonga share their indicator sheets and evidence in Seesaw posts it allows whānau to have clear and real-time information about progress and achievement.

We encourage whānau to respond to posted work. Kaiako and ākonga are using TAG - this is a great way for whānau to post too.