Valley Behaviours for Learning

At HVS our Valley Kids learn about positive behaviours for learning, which we call Valley Behaviours for Learning (VB4L).

If a child doesn’t know how to read, write, or do maths - we teach.

This is the same for children’s behaviour. If a child does not know what is expected of them in different situations - we teach.

Students are rewarded with tokens when adults (teachers, teacher aides and school leaders) see them displaying the focus for the week. Students write their names on the back of the token and keep them in a safe place in the classroom.

Once students have collected 30, 60 or 100 tokens they can redeem them. Here is a visual showing the system we use.

Code of Conduct for Students

The HVS Code of Conduct for students provides clear expectations about behaviour at HVS. It is based on our school values and outlines the desired behaviours we expect Valley Kids to demonstrate and learn at HVS. The Code of Conduct is sent home at the beginning of each school year so families and their children can familiarise and remind themselves of our expectations. This helps align key messages between home and school about Valley Kid expectations. These agreements are signed by students, their parents, and referred to by teachers throughout the school year.

Code of Conduct - Students.pdf

We are proud of our Valley Kids and thank you for your support. Please look out for more VB4L messages in our upcoming newsletters.

We have a few posters that help us talk about our feelings, actions we can take to get out of tricky situations, what to do if we make a mistake and a chart to help us identify expected and unexpected behaviours. These are below: