Henderson Valley School is an active, competitive and fair-play school. Across all year levels, our students are provided with a wide range of opportunities to maintain their fitness; develop their physical skills; and engage in conversations with their peers about rules and strategies that encourage inclusion and promote safety and enjoyment.

In the Pikopiko Team, we create a diverse range of experiences for our students to develop their appreciation of being active and having fun. The Kowhai Team encourages students to refine their skills and strategies in a wide range of activities and enjoy being active together and independently. In the Kauri Team, we provide opportunities for students to apply what they have learned through games and many sporting opportunities.

At Henderson Valley School, we host two annual events that involve our whole school and our community. During Term 1 we host our HVS Cross Country run and later in Term 4 we host our HVS Athletics Day.

Teachers and students regularly run lunchtime activities for all ages, utilising many parts of our school environment to play games such as dodgeball, unihoc and a ninja course.

We have school teams that participate in winter netball competitions run at the Te Pai courts. We currently have a Year 1/2 team, Year 3, Year 4 and a Year 5/6 team. Games are due to start in Term 2 and these teams will meet every week to train together before their games.

Every year Henderson Valley School creates a rugby team of senior boys and girls. This team plays Oratia School three times during the year in our annual rugby competition. The best of the three games wins the ‘Waitakere Foothills Rugby Challenge’. We have a strong team every year and look forward to defending the trophy.

Henderson Valley is part of the Henderson Sports Cluster and our school competes against other local schools at least twice a term, with teams involving Years 4-6. These sports include swimming, athletics, cross country, cricket, rugby, soccer, hockey, netball, gymnastics, basketball and touch rugby. These interschool competitions teach the children sportsmanship, develop competitive spirit and cooperative teamwork.

Community support is paramount to the running of a successful sports programme. These sporting opportunities are only possible due to the support of the parents who make up a majority of the teams coaches and managers. If you would like more information about sport in our school, please feel free to email Jo Cornwell (Teacher in Charge of Sports) at

Bikes at Henderson Valley

Our Valley Kids love riding bikes! Bike riding is a special feature of HVS that children really enjoy doing every week. At HVS, we are very fortunate to have a fleet of 55 bikes of different sizes. Children from all year levels have the opportunity to ride and learn bike skills at HVS through our bike programme. Each class has one bike session per week, where they can either ride on our bike track or learn bike skills on the turf or top court. Examples of such bike skills include balancing, stopping, cornering, and scooting. Often teachers set up obstacle courses using cones, which provides a good challenge and a lot of fun for children. Students are regularly reminded to wear their helmets correctly and perform a bike check before riding. This involves checking the ABCs: air, brakes, and the chain.